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Our specialty is content marketing, and our sweet spot is producing, packaging, and marketing books. Everything you see below is geared toward that end. Podcast production is just for fun :)

Print Book Packaging

Click subheading for more. Publish your book. We'll help you self-publish your book and make it available for purchase through Amazon's print-on-demand service. Whatever stage your book is now, we can help you cross the finish line.

eBook Packaging

Click subheading for more. Create an eBook. We create eBook covers, offer internal design, and convert your content into iBooks, Kindle, and PDF formats. We'll even help you market your eBook to generate sales.

Writing and Editing Services

Click subheading for more. Refine your content. We have a team of editors to make your content shine so that your readers understand, enjoy, and engage your content at the highest level. Let us earn your trust by editing your content with precision.

Podcast Production

Start a podcast! Learn everything you need for starting a podcast. We will guide you on equipment, branding, setup, launch, and even how to convert your podcast episodes to sales. Plus, we've learned how you can track listners and even interact with them in a meaningful way.

Digital Marketing Consultation

Confused by digital marketing today? Let us help you strategize. We specialize in content marketing, which means organically getting your message to the right people in a way that converts to sales.

HIM Publications

This is our publishing imprint. Check out our books here!

Harrington Interactive Media

Digital marketing is confusing without help. We’ve learned the ins and outs of publishing and content marketing—so you don’t have to. Let us help you find the best way to get your message out there and sell.

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We're writers, what can we say?

Email Marketing for Coaching: Life Matters

We’re building email campaigns for various industries. Coaching: Life Matters is one such company, a nonprofit educational organization located in Nashville, Tennessee. They utilize our services for email updates that inform and encourage their supporters through quality content. Read more…

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